Who do we Appreciate? YOU

One Word: Appreciation.

Whether it’s a simple “thank you” or an office party thrown in your favor,

EVERYONE likes to be appreciated (even if they say otherwise...). The simple act of

showing some gratitude and appreciation to others can have a HUGE effect on the emotional

environment at work!

Encouraging people to show their appreciation for others also has a significant impact

on an employees' health and wellbeing, so we are sharing what some of our people at River Island are appreciative for, along with some tips

on how to appreciate!

Joanne, Talent Partner (Wellbeing)

"I really appreciate my River Island Family, my team, the people that I work with, it's one of the best places that I've ever worked! I love the culture here, I appreciate the fact that we all look out for eachother, act with integrity and get the job done!"

Joanne Blog

Charlotte, Sales Advisor

" I am massively apreciative for my Area Manager, who has pushed me to be my best, she has helped me both instore and out of the store, so I'll be forever grateful!"


Mike, Senior People Experience Partner

"What do I appreciate? I appreciate a great canteen, the gym, I appreciate everyone that I work with, they're so kind and friendly and supportive. It means I can love doing meaningful work and work that I love for River Island!"

Mike Collins

Need a few Tips on how to appreciate? Look no further...


- Say Thankyou. We'll start with something simple. By simply showing your gratitude to

someone at work can have a huge effect on your environment.. so why not try to make it as positive as you can?!


- Appreciate Yourself. Start with yourself, appreciating you is the best place to start.

Making AT LEAST one day a week about YOU, will allow you to see the benefits of appreciation.


- Change your way of thinking. Of course, at work, everyone will experience a moment that

irritates them (we've all been there..) but finding something you're grateful for in those situtations

will give you the power to appreciate the small things.


-Be Present! Whilst at work, we all have a tendancy to drift off and daydream about that Bali

Holiday we've all been thinking about.. but being in the moment will make you feel like you are

making the most and best out of every situation. 


- Reflect. At the end of a long, tiring, irritating (the list goes on) day at work, reflecting back on the

day you've will help you see your best bits. How about trying to think about the 'peak' of your day.

What was your best bit? 

 Want to show your appreciation at River Island? Check out our roles here! With over 300 stores in the UK, Head Office and the Distribution Centre, we have somewhere you'll love to work and be able to work with people that appreciate YOU.