This time, it's all about you!

With the big day nearly upon us, the pressure seems to rise to make some sort of elaborate gesture towards that special person in your life.. but why? 

Why should we be focusing on someone else when the first step to loving someone else should involve loving yourself

So we wanted to do something a little different... 

This year, we wanted to declare love for ourselves, becuase WHY NOT? We've kicked off by talking to our very own, in-house self-care and wellness guru, Joanne Earle! 

Valentines Day? This time it's all about you!



Hi everyone! I'm Joanne, a Talent Partner who's had the best 2 years at RI!


Q: Could you give us an overview of your role, how you got into your role, what you do/who you look after etc.


I look after Leadership & Management development and all things wellbeing.

I kind of fell into my role in L&D, having worked in retail for years I was asked to join the people team as I was “really good at coaching” and 16 years later, I hope I still really am good at coaching!

I look after our head office and retail teams and anyone else who needs me 😊



Q: What’s been your best experience and/or memorable moment in your career at RI?


My best experience would be that when I joined River Island, the thing I loved the most was the people and the family feel, so I wanted to make sure we were carrying on that theme and giving people the right support to take care of their wellbeing, so I launched our self-care offering.

At first it was slow going, I only had 3 people turn up and the session after, no one, now 2 years later it’s our most popular session and our most used online resource!

I am so proud of how the RI family looks out for each other and my most memorable moment is being voted the connecting star by my RI family, I will never forget this because it’s how recognition that I’m helping others - this may be too cheese but it’s true!



Q: Do you have any tips or advice for those struggling or wondering where/how to get advice at work/RI?


Everyone has bad days, but if you’re having more bad days than good, go and talk to someone! It’s ok not to be ok!

Be kind to ourselves, ease up on yourself and take a daily reminder of all the great things we are doing not just the one thing we didn’t do so well.

I love my job and the people at RI are some of the best I’ve ever worked with, having come from big corporate organisations the culture here is very different and I took me a little while to find my way, but I honestly wouldn’t want to work anywhere else now.




Have a look below to check out Joanne praciticng some self-care with the people she loves!


Joanne 5
Joanne 4
Joanne 3
Joanne 5
Joanne 2

To help with your own self-care this month, we want to set you a little challenge.. 


Every day, we want YOU to do something for YOURSELF! Take a look below!


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