Leading the Agile Retail Revolution!

With Next Generation Technology in Retail quickly changing the Retail World, we wanted to take a look into how

Articificial Intelligence is being used right here at

River Island!

We spoke to Rasheed Ibrahim, responsible for managing IT Training in RI Tech. 

He helps guide us through this next generation technology in retail and how it's helping evolve the way we manage stock at River island.

What is it & who uses it?

"Nextail is a stock optimisation platform used exclusively by our Distribution Hub and selected stores.    The distribution hub use the replenishment module which has replaced ODBMS.  It then uses data driven logic to forecast demand and replenish to stores with the highest probability of sales.  This is done through machine learning, so it learns from previous experiences, without being explicitly programmed and automatically improves future forecasts! What's not to love?!     Our Selected stores can use the app to access key information that allows them to monitor performance in their store.  They can use it to review their bestsellers (any guesses?), identify previous bestsellers where (if!) sales have dropped off and see products that are selling well for the company but not in their store.  They can then use this data to help them make real-time commercial decisions to help drive sales."

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How does it help our people?

Charlotte Inge, Senior Allocator - WW Distribution Hub Denim, Plus & Petite

“Nextail has made my job easier by automatically replenishing link lines so I don’t have to allocate manually. This has saved me so much time.

Using the Top Products page I can quickly see my bestsellers and review stockouts. Allows me to find areas in need of improvement quickly”.

How has the response been to this change?

"The response to the change has been massively positive, from all levels of the business!   Within Replenishment, there was a big appetite for change within B&M (Buying & Merch) and the teams using Nextail embraced the new system and the new technology with great enthusiasm.  We faced a few challenges along the way (which is to be expected when implementing a new system) but the teams consistently displayed great resilience and positivity in finding solutions.   With our Store app, the selected stores have been hugely positive about the new introduction! They’ve fully adopted the new technology and have embraced the new and improved ways of working that the app has enabled."


So this helps our stores distribute product accordingly, does this help our retail employees at all?


"The app gives stores visibility of daily data, giving them the ability to make decisions with more up to date data than they previously could.  It saves them a significant amount of time when completing their floor walks and has decreased their use of paper reports." 




The initial launch has been so successful that the store app is being rolled out to all stores in the early part of 2020!



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