We’ve been in the retail business for over 30 years and we know
exactly what we’re looking for when it comes to attracting the best of the best!
It all starts with an interview and just like everybody says, first impressions really do count!
We’ve got top 10 interview tips that we know will help you nail it here at River Island.



Don’t leave us hanging… Being late for an interview will definitely get you noticed.. but all for the wrong reasons.

Plan your journey, be early!



You think you know us?! It is essential to know nearly EVERYTHING about us! Okay

maybe not everything, but as much as you can remember! Visit a store, check out the website and follow us on social media before you arrive.

This will help you to get to know River Island, what we do, where we do it and how we do it.



Question. Tell me what you think about me… Questions are a great way to show your interest and preparation

for the interview. There’s no such thing as a stupid question.. so fire away!



Reading? Really? Yes! Reading the job description might seem like one of the more obvious ones, but you’d be surprised

at the number of people that don’t know what they’re getting themselves in for. Read, read and read again!



So you’ve got skills yeah… That’s not the only thing that can help you get that dream job! Having hobbies,

qualifications and having seen the world are just as important as having work experience. So don’t panic and fill us in!



Be you (with a little bit of us) Depending on the type of role you are interviewing for, make sure you dress in something

comfortable and that reflects our brand. Why not use fashion to show us your personality?!



You know we are better together River Island is full of people that love our brand and what we do (#Together),

so make sure this shows in your interview. Being passionate will always make a difference… so smile and show us what you got!



Dig a little deeper… ‘The retail environment is constantly evolving’… don’t tell us something we already know.

Reciting word for word what’s on our site wont get you noticed, so do some research and dig a little deeper, tell us something new!



Don’t be a stranger! For those that might be interviewing for a retail role, ensure you are prepared for anything!

Take a trip down to the store you’re applying for at least a couple of times before the interview, make sure

you cover all areas, be specific and try to notice something another candidate might miss.



Find your common ground Everyone searches for the perfect Wifi connection.. but we connect with people!

Check out your interviewers career path, you never know, you may have gone to the same school

or college or travelled to the same countries. Having something in common is often a very good thing to generate a non-job related conversation!


common ground

Covering these tips can give you a step up on other candidates… so if you do this there’s nothing left but for us to be impressed!

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